17 Months as a Father? Already?

My lil man Malachi turned 17 months yesterday and man does time fly, so today wanted to tell you the top 3 things they don’t tell you before becoming a Dad.

Everything you do as a parent to your first one is a learning experience on it’s own but I had a lot of great advice before we had Malachi cause I’m surrounded by so many amazing parents.

Everyone told me how crazy it is to fall in love so deeply with someone who you meet for the first time EVER. TRUTH

They told me about how you’ll never quite sleep the same again. TRUTH

They told me how Fast they grow right before your eyes. TRUTH

BUT there’ some things that nobody told me and maybe you already knew or I’m just naive, that if you’re a new Dad or thinking of becoming one you should know, cause with 17 months of experience I’m clearly a PRO now 😉 haha.

#1- You will have thoughts of every possible thing going wrong with them at all times. We went for a hike at Rattlesnake Point a month ago and for some reason I felt the need to tell Rach not let him walk around the edge of the escarpment.. the look I got was enough to tell me how dumb that sounded. 
If he’s near stairs, obviously I think he’s gonna fall down them (meanwhile I’m the one who dislocated his elbow falling down stairs). No matter where he is I fear for him and his safety.

#2-  The conversations you have with your 17 month old that make absolutely no literal sense are some of the best and most memorable conversations of your life. Waking up to “daddy, …daaddy,…daaaaaddyyyyy followed by a lot of other sounds is my favorite way to wake up on a Sunday morning. Tickling him until he can’t handle it and he says “oh daaddy” is another one of my favorite pass times.

#3-  The relentlessness we are all built with is a life lesson in what we can accomplish if we really really really badly want something. The determination is their little bodies to get something they want would allow you to accomplish amazing things as an adult if you kept going after what you wanted as hard as my son goes after getting the trucks and buses he wants to play with. That’s something we should never lose.