3 Biggest Diet Mistakes You’re Making

It’s so easy to gain weight (bad weight,fat) and so hard to shed those bad pounds. So make sure you’re not making these mistakes that will leave you spinning your wheels.

1. You Have NO Game plan- Leaving the house with no game plan is disaster no matter what your goals are, even the best and most knowledgeable people need a plan. If you have no plan except I’m gonna eat healthy today, you’re going to either A. Overeat and not lose fat or B. Under-eat and not gain muscle, maybe once in a while you hit it on the head but why guess when you can have a plan and know.

2. You think ORGANIC means healthy- Organic fruits, vegetables and meats are great for you and should be the staple of your diet. Organic chips, candies, chocolate have the exact same effect on your waistline as regular chips, candy and chocolate. I’ve even heard one lady proclaim that as long as she bought it at Whole Foods she knows it’s good for her! (palm smacks head). You’ve gotta me joking me right?

3. You Love to GRAZE- Grazing on food that you cook or have laying around is a good way to add an extra 500-1000 cals to your daily intake without even knowing. I had a fighter who was having trouble making weight on my diet and couldn’t figure out why. He was young, healthy and in gooood shape! He told me he would keep peanuts with him during the day and snack on between jobs (construction) I asked him to measure them the next day and we calculate he was taking in a extra 3000 calories a day! That was his whole allotment of cals for the day in PEANUTS!!!! Stop grazing and start eating quality, planned-out meals.

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