3 Habits For Better Performance

I’m always thinking about how to increase my performance. I’ve tried so many things. Some have worked and others haven’t. I’ve had success and failures and the failures were successes cause it helps me help others. So I’m going to give you 3 Habits that are going to help you take 1 step closer to the performance you desire.

1. FOCUS on YOU- In this world of Social Media and people posting their highlight reels on Instagram, it gets really easy to focus on everyone else’s achievements and how far they’ve come. First of all this is a false look at what is actually going on and secondly it’s out of your control. You can’t control it so don’t worry about it. What you need to be worried about is you showing up everyday withe right attitude and trying to be better than you were yesterday. That’s what you can control.

2. REST- For most of you Type A personalities that have been successful in other areas of your life, the harder you work the more you get out of it right? WRONG. The harder you work to the point where your body can recover and get stronger the more you get out of it.There’s a fine line between training and overtraining but if you put just as much energy into your rest and recovery as you do into your training your going to get a lot more out of your training. Making sure you sleep enough and have good sleep is number 1, spending time RELAXing like that Frog in the picture is number 2. When’s the last time you took a hot epsom salt bath and just closed your eyes and concentrated on breathing? Ya I thought so. Western society is a crazy whirlwind of life, don’t let it sweep you up into a out of control tornado.

3. It’s OK to be BAD- LOL say what? What I’m saying is to step out of your comfort zone and do things that your not good at. There’s a lot you can learn from and grow from by doing things your not good at. It’s also probably really good for your body and will develop you in a way that will develop strength in your weakness or bring balance into your life. If your good at lifting heavy things than learn to be good with your body weight in gymnastics. If your a good runner learn how to be a good swimmer. If your chest is huge develop your back, get my point? Turn your weaknesses into strengths anddevelopnotonly as an athlete but as a person!

See you in the gym,

Coach Dan