3 Stretches Everyone Should Do Every Day

I hope by now you’ve watched my mobility seminar from earlier this summer, but I wanted to share with you 3 simple stretches that everyone should do every day. These stretches will help with back and posture issues from sitting at a desk, and relieve some soreness from heavy squats! Try them out and see what kind of improvement you feel, in your workouts and every day life!

Couch Stretch – Anyone who knows me knows I love to hang out in this stretch for minutes at a time to help my quads and hip flexors stretch out!
Check it out here

T Spine Opener – Not many people spend the time and energy they need on their T-Spine. Get some relaxation time today with this opener and reap the benefits of a healthy T-Spine

Glute Stretch – With all the leg work we do, our glutes take a beating! In order to keep those glutes healthy and moving properly, spend some time in this position today!

Keeping a steady Mobility program is going to pay off BIG time in the longevity of your health, if you need help and a routine email me at radixperformance@live.com
and I can help you with that!

~Coach Dan