An Amazing Weekend with Murph

An Amazing Weekend with Murph

Thank you everyone who joined us this past Saturday to do Murph for The Dream Dealer! We had our biggest turn out yet!
Thank you also to anyone who donated as your donations go so far.

To those of you who still can’t fully extend your arms, I especially thank you as your week will not be fun but what you raised for the kids is worth it.

We were able to raise enough money to finish off our shoe initiative and give 200 kids a set of shoes who’ve been walking around barefoot. We will also be able to send another 50 kids to school next year for the full year! That’s pretty amazing stuff. Look out for some videos of the kids we’ll be posting thanking you for helping them and I dare you not to cry!

To see our community come together and the Polsky Community come and join us was a beautiful thing. This money goes so much further than you can ever think.

Make sure you keep running and doing pullups, pushups and sqauts because we do it again next year!

-Coach Dan