70 Unbroken Handstand Pushups!

Another awesome week at Radix and guess what? you’re already doing better than the 50-60% of people who have quit the gym by the END OF JANUARY! Take a second and give yourself a little love for showing up every week!

There aren’t too many things in the fitness world that surprise me or really WOW me but this week I witnessed something I wouldn’t think possible. Callum has been on my personal programming team for a couple months now so we had a testing week planned this week and I wanted to see how many handstand pushups he could do unbroken…

He did 70, SEVENTY Unbroken Handstand Pushups. It was pretty incredible to watch. His dedication to training has been amazing and his progress has been outstanding. Awesome Job Callum.

The Burpee Challenge was a success with so many of you throwing down and getting those 50 done at super speed! I absolutely loved it! Some highlights for times.
Coach Julie was so fast and even though it took a little extra nudging she got at and was super impressive!

Mike D Age 52 Time-1:47 (not including age deduction)
Michael B Age 62. 2:48
Tony S Age 49 3:39
Coach Julie Age 52 2:14
Callum 1:51
Daniella 2:04
Alex K 3:48
David H 2:10
Marcio N 2:05

I love how you guys embraced this and just went at it! I made the comp crew do it on Saturday Morning! rest 5 minutes and then do it again! 🙂
Congrats to our winners for winning some Glutamine for their crazy efforts.

Adrian Lui Age 37 Time 1:40 (not including age deduction) 1:30
What an absolute beauty and beast all at the same time!

We’re really excited to have new classes and hopefully serving you all better in the meantime to spread out class sizes and get more people into our community! 

We have our RadixFit classes 3 times a week again to provide people with a foundation of proper training and mechanics with the basics of foundational movements like squats, deadlifts, pushups and pull-ups. Its the perfect way for anyone to get started to build up to a higher level of fitness without feeling overwhelmed.
The group we’ve started with is so awesome and Im excited to see this program grow. If you have a friend or family member who may be intimidated or never trained in their life this the perfect class to get them going.

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Coach Daniel