A Day of Thoughts at Radix Performance

Someone asked me the other day while I was looking out into nothingness before a workout what I was thinking about as I coach. It got me thinking about the things that go through my mind on a daily basis as a business owner and Head Coach here at Radix. So I’m going to give you a day of thoughts at Radix performance. I hope you enjoy!

4:59am *Alarm goes off* 1st Thought of the day “where am I?” “is there something going on I can put on the gym Instagram story?!””hmmm, no Rach would kill me!”

5:10am “should I gel my hair today?””people wouldn’t recognize me, where’s my hat?”

5:15am “Coach Dan’s morning shake is the best”

5:25am ” your going to hear my ROOOOOAR’ – me singing Katy Perry to myself on the drive in.

5:40am “why does this gym harbor all the heat in it?”

5:50am  *quietly thinking to myself as I ride the Assault Bike* “GOOD MORNING DAN!!! WOOOO’ – Coach Tyler

5:51am ” I just nearly shit myself” “how does he sneak in so quiet and then get so loud?”

6am- Coaching Mode and thoughts about sound mechanics and movement patterns

“man Rob’s got a good selection of Virus workout gear”

7am ” Do I really need to do 2 workouts today?” ” hahahaha stupid, is that a question?”

7 45 am ” why did I program this for myself?”

7 46 am ” I need somebody Instagraming me”

8:30am ” Man I’m hungry, why aren’t donuts good for you”?

8 31am I*Internal struggle* ” its healthier if you chew your food” “but I’m so hungry” *food done*

9am- Coaching Thoughts ” I wonder if Jeff thinks he can be as strong as me one day?”

930am “There’s a lot of women in this class” ” what if they all revolted and refused to do burpees?” “I’d be a dead man” “I’d push Tyler in their way and run”

10 am- More Coaching thoughts “I wonder if I could salsa as good as Andrew”

11 am Consume more food with little ability to slow myself down.

11:30 am *Writing newsletter* ” does anybody read this thing?”

” I should Instagram something”

12:30pm *workout #2* “These DB bench press make my chest look huge”

” why does every workout end with life threatening cardio?”

1 30pm “time to adult and do some computer work”

1 31pm ” would a third workout kill me?”

2pm *Coach Jon walks in* “Damn this kids tan is on point” “make a note to workout outside with shirt off more often”

230-330 pm *very little thoughts occur* “need more food”

4pm *Coaching and warming up comp class* “K guys lets get into a squat” *Coach Tyler squats down* ” I actually hate this kid”

430pm ” I wonder what my time would be on this metcon?” ” At least 10 seconds faster than Jacob”.

4:35pm ” I wonder which of the RockStar boys goes tarps off first?” ” Definitely Tom or Mike”

“UhOH Charles was first, here we go everyone has their shirt off”

5:01pm ” I can’t wait to see my lil man”

5:02pm ” and my beautiful wife” “what did she make for dinner?”

5 30 pm “now you can’t imagine havin her by your side, on this ride, down the road” *singing Emerson Drive – The Road; on my ride home windows down music on full blast*

5:32 pm “my beater is the best” ” if your beater has A/C its not a beater” “this thing is legit! No A/C, no bluetooth, just radio”

5:42 pm ” I wonder how many calories I burn everyday going from the parking garage up 3 flights of stairs to my kitchen”

“would it justify 1 donut over the week?”