So last week I was on the Assault Bike for to 15th time that week and thinking I wonder what world record for calories on this thing is in a day? I proceeded to message Assault Bike and they said they didn’t know, I thought about how I would go about accomplishing it and thought why? I don’t want to do it just for fun.

That got me thinking about 6 years ago I was headed up North to help out with a Sports Camp for underprivileged kids in Matheson Ontario and I wanted to raise some money for the facilities the kids had so I told my clients I would do 1 burpee for every dollar raised in a 12 hour period, I didn’t realize how generous/how badly my clients wanted to see me hurt. I raised $1500 and did 1500 burpees in 12 hours, my toes were bleeding my wrists and shoulders shot and it was worth every minute.

So… I want to do it again and this time I applied for a Guinness World Record! Now I don’t know if they will accept my request, I have to wait 12 weeks to figure it out but whether or not it will be a World record or not doesn’t matter.

 I will be doing 1 calorie on the Assault Bike for every dollar I raise to go The Orphanage in Haiti that The Dream Dealer (my brothers charity) runs and funds over 150 kids for food, shelter, school, clothes and where a 100% of everything we get goes there and to those kids. I would love for you to sponsor my Assault Bike expedition, I’m asking you to donate anything you feel in your heart to give and I will bike that out in a 12 hour period. These kids are close to my heart and I have been fundraising for them for years, we have it so well and they are trying to survive on a daily basis.

If you would like to donate just let me know, we will keep a whiteboard tally in the gym. You can email me with what you would like to donate at radixperformance@live.com. I wont collect the money until I have biked every single calorie.

Coach Dan