A Simple Smile :)

You know, I get a lot of emails here at the gym. People inquiring about pricing, membership options, class times, people trying to sell me marketing services, toilet paper, paper and the emails go on and on. Hey I’m not complaining, these are the emails that are the life line of the gym business. I’ve had a couple emails this week that have got me thinking.

“Hi, Whats your gym prices?” – SoandSo

“What classes do you offer?”- Rando

I know I know, there the customer and I’m providing the service, they can talk to me how they want. I’m not even complaining, If I can sell them a membership it’s a win for me.

But deep down I feel bad for us as a society, where instant gratification via fast food, likes on instagram, response rate from instant messanger has us forgetting how to sit down and have a meal together and TALK as a family, has us forgetting how to interact with one and other in social situations, like sending an email that thanks someone for their time of answering your questions for whatever service you’re inquiring about.

I’ve made a point over the last few years to interact with the people I don’t know on a daily basis. Like the ladies who serve me at Starbucks. I always smile, ask them about their day and answer questions like why I didn’t bring Malachi to see them.

The guy at the bank who deposits my cheques, I know he rides motorcycles and what kind of motorcycle he rides, he also knows I own a gym down the street that he’s always welcome to come and try.

With everything in this society moving so fast and we need to do more and grind harder for longer to get ahead a simple smile can make someones day, can make them feel loved, feel needed and they can walk on clouds for the rest of the day, hey one day I was at Oakville Place (before I was married) and getting a card for my moms BDay with one of my friends and I gave the cashier a nice smile and had a conversation about my moms bday and walked on. She literally came out after me to give me her number, my friend was dumbfounded, “girls just give you their numbers?” LOL no, I treated her like a real human being, smiled, had a real conversation about my life, that was attractive to her.

We have a member from Whole Foods Debbie who comes religiously after work every other day. Did I know Debbie before? Nope, doid I take the time every time I was in whole foods to talk to her? yes, and listen to her? yes to talk about everything that was going on her life? YES. DO I still? Yes Yes Yes

Don’t let this crazy world take away your ability to offer someone a simple smile, a conversation, a listening ear. It’s good for you, your business and your soul. Life is too short and at the end of it all people remember you by how you smiled.

  • Coach Dan