A Tragic Story and a Thank you

This story is really hard for me to write, I think about it and I can’t even fathom the pain that one person can feel.

Last week a friend of mine Alex from church who I would see at various Young adult get togethers over the years sent me a message on Facebook and the message was something that I couldn’t fully process.

Alex is in the prime of his life and had been married for just over a year and last Monday he had to bury his wife. Alex’s wife Emily was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer at the end of 2019 and they went through all the stops trying to stop it. The radiation was the worse part, the told them that things would get worse before they got better and Emily got very ill going into the holiday season, at first they thought it was normal but quickly realized it wasn’t. One hospital said she had influenza and gave her antibiotics which did nothing so they fought for more answers. 

Finally they got more Cat Scans done and they found that the cancer was in her bones and after weeks of the worst headache you could think of they did a Brain Scan and found tumors on her brain.

Just imagine the pain physically, mentally and spiritually that both of these people were feeling in the prime of their life. I’m honestly shaking while I write this.

I won’t go into the details of what happens to someone as the tumors take over their brain but his last moments with his wife were not pleasant by any means and I sit here and don’t think that I could handle what Alex has gone through over the last months of his life. 

Alex has been watching what we do here on Facebook and Instagram and felt like our community is something that could be positive in his life. Emily also loved to train and workout and Alex wants to honour her memory by doing things that she loved to do. So last Wednesday at 930 Alex came to his first class and loved it and the people. If you see him in the gym please keep encouraging him to come and move. He has a long journey a head and being part of that to me is an honour.

Today I just want to give perspective to you in this life, sometimes the trials and unhappiness we have is for no reason, your loved ones around you and the time you spend with them is all you need to be happy and thankful for.

I also want to Thank you ALL for being part of something here at Radix that someone in their darkest hour would see and thing I need that in my life, if there’s any form of success in this life that is the ultimate form of it.

Thank you!

Coach Dan