DEAL of The Month
5 Star Formula Omega 3’s are 15% OFF this month, If you need your fish oils now is the time to grab them.
 If you want to read a little more on the benefits of Omega 3’s check ou this article here..


Movement of the MONTH

This month’s movement of the month is Strict Shoulder Press, the benefits of having a strong Press are numerous abd go a long way in all your lifts and gymnastics. Even though it’s a simple movement there’s a lot going on and it takes time to master.

Watch Klokov Strict Press 163 kilos (359 pounds) here

MOBILITY of the Month 

Having good ANKLE mobility goes a long long way in proper squat form and having a good vertical torso in your snatch, thruster and clean. This video will help you out beig time


Let’s make APRIL an amazing month of gainz!