Are you Comfortable being UnComfortable

I have a lot of time to think these days while spending hours at a time riding the Assault Bike, your mind does crazy things but you start to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

It got me thinking about this oxymoron and how much of our lives we spend running away from being uncomfortable so we can remain in a state of comfort.

Biologically it makes complete sense to me because our bodies are always fighting to find the state of homeostasis (In biology, homeostasis is the state of steady internal physical and chemical conditions maintained by living systems.)
What that means is our bodies are trying to keep us alive and find the point at which we are recovered and living without threat of dieing.

So if our bodies are constantly fighting for comfort why wouldn’t we just follow suit?

Well living a life of only comfort is a slow and steady death and a life not worth living.

Things that happen when we’re un comfortable are the MOST important lessons in life, without getting uncomfortable there is no reason for us to adapt and change and if there’s no reason for change then there is no reason to grow and if we don’t grow we slowly die.

So how do you become comfortable in that state of uncomfortable? You accept your circumstance for what it is, and you work with a positive mindset towards getting through it. If it’s a Burpee workout and you suck at burpees then its not AWW I suck at this my time will be bad! It’s AWW I suck at this and I have an opportunity to attack it and become better.

I believe there is 2 ways to attack any uncomfortable circumstance in life, you can own up, accept and attack or you can blame, make an excuse and leave.

The choice is up to you, I know which way I’m going 🙂

Coach Dan