Are you Growing!?

We are into week 3 of our Hypertrophy program! The general soreness from a new program should be easing off but the challenge of a 12 rep back squat with heavier weight doesn’t get easier, just heavier.

I love and believe in hard work more than anything. Hard work is the only way to growth. Whether it’s muscle, strength, business, work there has to be hard work put in to reap the rewards of it.

Today Im giving a shoutout to my man Rich (pic above) Rich heard me on The Your Life Your Terms Podcast and reached out to get started January this year. I told him in order for us to help him reach his goals he needed to show up to class everyday, join our Nutrition Club and do extra work I give him. He didn’t as questions just said “yes coach” (exactly how I like it LOL)

Since January Rich has maybe missed 2 days of training (consistency) He’s followed our custom Nutrition plan and got in all his extra work! This is the recipe for success.

This Sunday Rich weighed in and he’s down 40 pounds!! Not only is that amazing but he did it the HARD way, when I say the hard way is he actually gained muscle, got stronger and fitter went through the emotional ups and downs of real long term fat loss and stuck it through. Whats the easy way? Taking ozempic, sitting on your butt, not eating healthy just eating less and losing all your muscle cause you don’t eat enough or workout at all.

The journey has just begun for Rich and he’s excepted the fact that hard road is the right way for long term sustainable health and embraced the challenge of it all.

We are 40 pounds into the Road to 100 pounds lost. It won’t be easy and I don’t want it to be otherwise he wouldn’t grow.

Amazing job Rich, one day at a time brother and one day we will be writing about the 100 pounds lost mark!

Coach Dan