Are you NOT a Competitive Person?

I spend a lot of time walking and listening to podcasts, it’s my personal growth time, I listen to people who inspire me, who I respect and who I learn from. I was taking my Sunday Morning walk with my Dog Riley. Honestly it’s one of my favourite parts of the week. My mind wanders in hope and anticipation of what can be accomplished at the gym. I have my best ideas in those moments. This past Sunday I was walking and my mind was wondering how someone can be successful in the gym for a WHOLE Year and by successful I mean, get leaner, get stronger and better conditioned, have more energy, be happy and be in control of their health. Big Ask? I know but I want that for each and every one of you.

Then I started thinking about myself and if I embody those attributes and where I succeeded and where I failed over the last year and what lead to those successes and failures and believe me there were both.

One of the attributes I have that serves me well when its properly funnelled is my competitive nature, I love to compete, wanna hop on the assault bike beside me? Im gonna try and do more calories, honestly name something and Im down for a competition, Im just hard wired that way. So this year when I wanted to get shredded It was on and to a fault no doubt, cause when my competitive self is not reigned in I hurt myself and that’s where we could have a hole different discussion on my short comings as a human.

Then I realized not everyone is hard wired like me and some people are just not that competitive and that’s OK but what if we could harness the good side of that competitive spirit and use it to your benefit. The competition aspect doesn’t have to be a negative experience or against anyone but yourself. Think of it as a game, games are fun, games allow us to enjoy what we’re doing while having a competitive feel to it.

Imagine this year is a game of health and fitness and the only person on the board is you and you can leave the year as a winner or loser in this games and whether you like it or not you ARE playing this game. Its time to compete and by compete I mean it’s time out-due yourself a little each day. SO instead of thinking oh “I have to go to the gym today” Its what can I do today at the gym that beats yesterday. Instead of “I can’t eat that donut or have that caramel frappacuinno” Its I get to eat this awesome meal of protein and fruit that helps me with my energy, looking better, carrying less fat and ultimately taking a step ahead of who I was at this time last year. Yesterday yout took 8000 steps? today I take 8500 and Im winning.

This is your life and this year will happen, you will play this game whether you like it or not and you will win or lose, its time to embrace that fact and its time unleash your inner competitor and the only person you’re competing with is yourself, everyday over the next year. It’s a game and it can be fun, especially when your winning, there will be losses and thats ok too!! We learn so much when we lose. but guess what? we learn and we get BETTER and we don’t make the same mistake. We grow and with growth we win again. The only way to lose is to give up or keep making the same mistake over and over.

This year my mission is to make as many people as I can WINNERS, winning the game of health, fitness and nutrition and if you wanna be on my winning team I want to talk to you. I have the blueprint for success and I make it easy for you to WIN and I celebrate those victories with you and I make it a hell of a lot fun. Email me 2023 is your year and Im ready for you!