CanEast Games ReCap

This past weekend Coach Jon and Jacob competed at the CanEast Games at McMaster University. It was 7 events over 3 days of competition against some of the best crossfitters on this side of Canada.

First off the Venue was super awesome! It looked really professional and the staff, organizers and judges (for the most part) did an amazing job all weekend. My hats off to everyone who mad that run all weekend long.

Starting Friday morning we headed over to McMaster for WOD1 which was a swim workout of 50m lengths and air squats. Jon was first up with what we thought was a 11:44 start time. We got to check in at 10:45 to be safe and the guys signing us in were like you guys are late, the elite men are already at the pool… Jon checked the heat schedule and he was actually up at 11 am… they ran…I was having heart failure. Anyways Jon was out there and ready to go at 11am and he crushed WOD1 with 5:11 time! about 20 seconds slower than the fastest time of the day. Jacob was the heat after and did well but his legs looked like jelly during the swim lol. Jacob came in around 5:40. WOD1 done and now the fun begins.

We had a big rest so made sure the boys got some sugar in their bodies and then a good meal that could digest while we chilled.

WOD2 Happened that afternoon and it was a long and nasty one. You had to wear a weighted vest the whoole time and the cap was 23 minutes. Jon was up first and he just looked off from the get go. Messing up a lot of doubleunders. Jon had tweaked his back a week and half ago and I could tell the vest was just pounding away at it. That was a long hard grind for him but also a place where he will build mental fortitude. Jacob was up next and he came out hot, pacing with one of top Crossfitters in Canada for the 1st round, on the 2nd round he started to slow down and managed to finish with a fast time and a top 10 overall performance. If he would’ve paced the first round a bit better I think his overall time would’ve been faster. A good learning experience for him.

Day1 is done and these boys went to the gym to stretch and normnatec. I went home to do computer work.

Day 2 started at 11:44 for real this time and WOD3. Jons back wasn’t feeling great but good enough to go. There was a lot of clean and jerks in this workout, in fact there were only clean and jerks lol. Jon started off pacing great but as the weight got heavier you could see he started to struggle where he usually wouldn’t. He gutted through and finished. I was proud of the effort.

Jacob was up next and paced well through the first set of weights and a bit slower through the second set but moving well, when he got to the heaviest weight at 205 pounds he did really well at keeping things moving. I was happy. Then we looked at the leaderboard and it was a bit dissapointing as The difference between Jacobs 51 reps and tiebreak time and someone who got 52 reps was 10 places!!! He could’ve went from 18th to 8th by adding 1 more rep. Damn

We had a long long wait tell WOD4 on Saturday so we all went home to relax.

WOD4 Was a crazy fast workout of shuttle sprints, rope climbs and burpee box jump overs. Jon was fast up and down that rope! He laso moved really consistantly through those burpee box jump overs. and finished really well even though you could see he was hurting.

Jacob came out fast and was able to keep the pace up, pacing with top guys, he fell onto the box once but kept moving and ended up 6th overall in that workout and only 5 reps off from 1st, even though his judge miscounted the reps at first we were able to show them what he did and he was good. Super fast and good result.

Back home to sleep and recover and eat before the last day!

WOD 5and6 were part of the same workout. part 1 was a max snatch+Overhead squat into a sprint of the assault bike and DB Snatches and DB Thrusters for part 2.

Jon did his best to power snatch and overhead squat as heavy as possible and hit a good 215 pounds andf then sent it on the bike and DB work. Finishing with a good time.

Jacobs neck got aggravated during the rope climbe the day before and his snatch didn’t look great. He hit 205 then missed 230 3 times, I haven’t seen him miss 230 in a long time. He also sent it hard on part2 finishing in under 2 mins and good placing with the top time being 1:49 every single second counted.

I went home the boys chilled at McMaster before the final WOD.

Last WOD of the weekend and it had a lot of things going on. Front Rack Axle lunges, Wallballs, Handstand walk, Muscle Ups and Handstand Pushups!

Jon flew through the first part going unbroken through the handstand walks and pacing himself through the muscle ups properly and finishing of the weekend with a solid performance.

Jacob followed suit going through the first part unbroken and pushing a good pace on the muslce ups and handstand pushups, his neck was hurting but he pushed through. 

What an awesome weekend for these two to learn a lot about themselves, for me to see where they need to work and what needs to change going forward, they both put theri best foot forward and now they can recover, re-asses and move forwards to the next one. I’m super proud of them both and can’rt wait tell they compete again!

This coming weekend I’m in Kitchener with 6 more of our athletes competing at Polsky strength. I’m excited to watch and coach and see them grow!

-Coach Dan