Challenge Yourself

Have you ever stopped and thought about how ALL the best things in life happen? Take a second and think about the best things that have and ever will happen to you?

You have your first baby, You get your dream job, You buy your first home, You graduate with your Masters or PhD, You complete a marathon.

All amazing parts of life, some of the best experiences you’ll ever have! Now think of what came before every single one of these events.

A lot of pain, work, turmoil, frustration, adversity, stress … That’s a lot of negative sounding words but without all of those things you would never end up with best things that ever happened to you. How does a rainbow show up? After a storm. It’s one of the great miracles of growth and life. We need stress to break down to create change to something better and amazing.

My thought today is you need to CHALLENGE yourself to be better, to be healthier, to be fitter, to be leaner but guess what comes before big muscles and a 6 pack or better Cholesterol levels or gaining back the health you’ve neglected for so long? A lot of hard work, sweat, tears. But that process is what creates a better Human Being on so many levels.

I challenge myself every single day of my life and I’ll never regret the bumps and bruises I get a long the way, those are the scars of living a life worth living. Tomorrow morning wake up and get at it, challenge yourself to be better, I guarantee you I will.

Coach Dan