COVID-19 News – The Brighter Side #2

We’re back with another week of Covid News The Brighter Side, where we highlight some cool and inspiring things happening even in the crazy world we live in.

First off clearly John Krasinski (The Office, Jack Ryan) stole my amazing idea and turned into YouTube episodes you can check out here where he’s got over 14 million views on his Some Good News channel, just saying I released my newsletter first and The Office star should hit me up lol.

Anyone who’s a Sam Roberts Band fan will love this, Sam and his 3 kids play We’re all in this together at Home with guitar, piano and violins! Pretty awesome

This video is a oldie but so AWESOME! If you’ve never seen it before it BLOW YOUR MIND! 2 Cellos playing Thunderstruck and getting their Rock on in front of a 17th Century crowd. So awesome, I’m listening right now and rocking out HARD

If you’re on TikTok you gotta check out @Malachi_lifts as my lil man has a deadlift video that has 50k views! He loves lifting.

Its been a while since I Front squatted some weight! 300 pounds for a triple last week, not too shabby 🙂

I know a lot of you feel like this

If you’re into F1 racing than you can watch the worlds best drivers throwdown online with Virtual Grand Prix, there at home setups are insane!!

As a car fan I’ve been really enjoying watching From Rust to Riches on Netflix, if you like cars you’ll love it.

If you haven’t heard about the Chalk Fairy then you might wanna see what he’s been up to as he has been dropping off chalk and equipment to people without it during this time, I heard he’s always up to help someone out, if you need him send a email to

I hope you ALL have an amazing week no matter the circumstance! If you need someone to talk to Im always here.

Coach Dan