COVID-19 News – The Brighter Side – Music Edition

First off can I say that I was already a John Krasinski fan because A. The Office is the greatest tv comedy EVER and B. Jack Ryan is the best show on Amazon Prime but his New YouTube Channel- Some Good News is just awesome

Today I wanted to do a Music Edition of The Brighter Side, I’ve personally never heard anyone say they hated Music, Ive heard people say they hate Country music but thats a whole different article to write because you’re WRONG!😂

Many of you know my LOVE for Country Music but Today we will keep Country out of it because I might write pages.

Many of you don’t know this but I actually played Tenor Saxophone for 7 years as a kid into my teenage years and not just cause I had to learn something at school, I took saxophone lessons outside of school weekly and was actually not bad and loved playing jazz music.

Music can be an absolutely amazing thing that holds different memories, places in time and life experiences in our thoughts. A song might pop up and you remember your first school dance or a first date or your wedding day it could also bring back a road trip or family trip, music can define moments in ways we could never expect, some of my best lifts ever were to the tune of a specific song. So today Im going to take you on a musical journey through songs that tell a story or a history. I love music, especially something with a guitar and a story!

Today we start off with a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Canadian that makes music I can sit and appreciate for its brilliance, Neil Young was born in Toronto in 1945, Old Man is an iconic song and if you ever wondered why he wrote it watch this video
or If you want to see how talented Jimmy Fallon is watch Neil and Jimmy sing Old man as a duet!

We’re going to skip a decade or 2 here because to me good music is timeless and transcends generations and if you were into 90’s music you’ve listened to Matchbox 20 and you’ve definitely sang the song 3am and thought about a girlfriend or someone you loved, but did you know Rob Thomas (lead singer) wrote that song about his mom when he was 12 years old and his mom was going through cancer? This acoustic Version is so good! Check this out.

Simon and Garfunkel have some songs that are etched in my mind as my dad would listen to them when we were small kids and Ill never forget those moments going cruising in one of his cars listening to Cecilia or Sound of Silence. These songs are stories, I loved The Boxer and the story it told. They’ve also been re-done by modern bands like Mumford and Sons and Jerry Douglas version of The Boxer
Metal Band Disturbed re-doing Sound of Silence

Now if there’s one thing in this world that can amaze me and make me wish my Mom forced me to spend hours learning how to play as a child its a violin or cello, now watching Bryson Andres is a whole different experience, his ability to loop and cover songs in a whole other light is just incredible. Check out this Cover of Coldplay’s Paradise as he build layers and layers on the song all from his electric violin! That sound this violin makes gives me the shivers.

You know I could do this all the day so I’m going to leave you with one last song with one of the greatest Rock voices of ALL TIME, a voice that no long records RIP Chris Cornell. There’s something about Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder in one band that is just so right and Temple Of The Dog and the song Hunger Strike is like a glitch in The Matrix that happened in a moment of time that should never be forgotten.

I hope this brought a smile to your face, brighten your day, brought back a memory you’ve forgotten or created a new one.
I just ask you share with a friend so you can brighten someones day too!

Coach Dan