CrossFit Radix

As a licensed CrossFit Affiliate for over 7 years, we believe it is the right program to get anyone in the best shape of your life and give you the body you’ve always wanted. CrossFit is Strength and Conditioning mixed with Olympic lifting and gymnastics, and comes with a worldwide community of hundreds of thousands of men, women, athletes, and children all united in the sport of fitness. At CrossFit Radix, we have group classes daily, plus programming specifically tailored for individual performance and goals.

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Each day that you come in for one our CrossFit classes, there will be a workout of the day posted that you will be coached through by one of our highly qualified coaches. These classes allow you to accelerate your fitness levels at a pace you couldn’t do on your own.


The RadixFit program is tailored towards beginners, athletes returning from injury, and those who are not interested in the more advanced CrossFit exercises of Olympic lifting and gymnastics. We use the Big 3 – Squat, Bench/Press, and Deadlift as well as CrossFit-style cardio circuits based on the WOD, easily scalable to make more or less challenging based on your fitness and comfort level.

CrossFit Competitor

The CrossFit Competitors program is for those who want to get into the world of competitive sport. This programming is more advanced and tailored towards peaking for certain events. There is a bigger time and energy commitment but it pays off in the results.