Day by Day, One workout at a Time…

I’ve heard this quote many times but every time I hear it, it hits a little harder and digs deeper into my heart.

“We over-estimate what we can accomplish in a day and under-estimate what we can accomplish in a year”

Let that sink in for a minute, this might be the cry of our generation because we want everything to happen immediately, on demand, instantly with no effort or discomfort and if it doesn’t work right away then it’s stupid and obviously not worth our time.

We’ve become impatient, greedy, lazy, comfortable and we are reaping what we sow.

I too have the same tendency’s but I’ve come to the realization I have to fight them, I have to fight them daily and continue to take one step forward as painful as that step may be in the moment, it MUST be taken.

That one step today may seem like nothing in a 24 hour period but thats 365 steps in a year. Those 365 steps could represent 100 pounds of lost fat. It could represent an extra $100,000 in your bank. It could represent 30 new books read, a new business started and the list goes on.

The people who win in life are NOT the smartest, most gifted or talented individuals. They ARE the ones who NEVER give up, whether it takes 1 year, 5 years , 20 years they outlast everyone else because their spirit never gives up.

I just want to encourage you today, it may not seem like much, that one step, whether that one step is coming into gym when you don’t want to or not eating that chocolate bar you want so bad. But that one step each day is 365 steps over a year and thats a whole different person at the end of that year.

Don’t stop, don’t listen to the haters and definitely don’t listen to your inner hater when it’s telling you it’s not worth it. I promise you in 365 days it will be worth every single step.

Coach Dan