December Member of the Month

Carley Smith
Age: 22

Carley has been a wonderful addition to our community, as an athlete and as an awesome person! She’s always available to help out, and often gets asked if she’s a trainer here because her form is so good!

“When I joined Radix 11 months ago I had never done Crossfit, I thought I would never be able to climb a rope, I was not able to lift much weight, and I had zero experience with gymnastic movements. Now, I am able to climb ropes, hit PR’s, and my gymnastic movements are improving the more I practice! I would have never been able to achieve my goals without the awesome programming and nutrition plans offered at Radix.”

Carley is part of our 1000 Meal Challenge – a year-long nutrition program designed to teach healthy habits.She also spent some time in personal training with Rachael before joining our CrossFit classes. As a student, Carley alternates between morning and evening workouts, so she gets to meet a lot of different people!

“I have never been a part of such a close knit community where putting others first and giving back to the community is always at the top of their list! I truly am so thankful for everyone at Radix. I felt very welcomed right from the beginning. The amount of encouragement everyone has for each other is phenomenal, everyone is always supporting and pushing each other to do their best.

Radix is more than just a gym, it has opened my eyes to possibilities I never thought I would be capable of. With each fitness and nutrition goal I meet, new ones are made, and Radix always finds a way to help me achieve them.  I am so happy about the progress I have made thus far and beyond excited about what I will achieve in the future.”

Thank you for the kind words, Carley!
We, too, are very excited about your future here!