Double-Unders got you down?

Agility is a part of fitness that is really overlooked these days. Developing your ability to be agile and light on your feet transfers over into all athletic fields.

Practicing skipping, whether its singles, doubles, triples, criss crosses, or different foot patterns, all translates to building more agility in your athletic performance. Practice before and after training, when you’re fresh and when you’re tired and watch your ability to be agile improve vastly.

Don’t just do double-unders!!! You wouldn’t always just do 1 rep max attempts at snatch to get a better snatch, so add variance. Do singles to build rhythm and technique, us a heavier cord to build endurance, use a smaller rope to work on efficiency, try different things and be rewarded the next time you test them out in a met-con.

Your set-up is also very important. As we learned from working with our friends at RX Jump Ropes, when you take the time to set up your rope in a horseshoe position, hold your hands at your side, and jump right into your first double, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Measure your progress by testing:

  • max reps in 1 minute
  • 50 or 100 reps for time
  • “flight simulator”: unbroken sets increasing from 5 -10-15 … all the way up to 50, and back down if you can!

Leave us a comment to let us know how your double-unders are coming along!

Coach Dan