Eggs Every Day?!

Eggs got a bad rap in the media a while back because of fear of high cholesterol.
The truth is, poor health is an accumulation of factors, just like eating well and healthy habits.
You can’t out-train a bad diet, and you can’t blame eggs for high cholesterol.
Eggs are a whole, natural food, and should be consumed that way!

Beyond the easily-digestible proteins and healthy fats, eggs are highly concentrated in nutrients that protect your eyes, skin, brain, and arteries.
Egg whites miss the boat on nutrients, providing protein alone, and we need those healthy fats to absorb vitamins and minerals.

For more information on eggs,
check out Are Eggs Paleo? and Eat Your Eggs and Have Your Chickens, Too! 

Eggs might get boring every day,
even Green Eggs & Ham, so mix your eggs up with some fun Egg Recipes from Paleo Leap!

Enjoy the meal!

Coach Rach
3 Square Meals