Elite Kid’s Strength and Conditioning

I’ve been working with kid athlete’s for a long time and have been slowly developing a system that I believe will help them develop athletically in all aspects of fitness so they have the best chance to excel in the sport they play. On top of that I’ve incorporated mobility and pre-hab exercises to build resilient bodies that don’t get injured and move the way they were meant to. 

The Elite Kid’s S&C Program consists of

  • STRENGTH   – 

It’s very easy for Kid’s to build up strength without using heavy weights by teaching proper mechanics in compound movements with light weight and using their bodyweight to help them develop a base of strength and movement that will serve them well in their sport but also in the rest of their lives.

  • POWER    –

Developing and expressing power will help kids be a step ahead of the competition, teaching them how to use their hips to develop power at a young age gives them the benefit of hitting the ball or puck further and harder than other kids their age. Making them stand out amongst their peers.


Speed and agility will literally allow them to be one step ahead of other kids they play against, the ability to pivot and move one step faster than the rest gives them an advantage on the field or ice. The faster more agile kid will get to the ball or puck first will out maneuver their opponents and give opportunities to score like no one else.


Conditioning can win games or championships right at the end when a less conditioned person or team can’t handle the pace or start to slow down. We take pride in how conditioned our athletes become. We train the kids in different conditioning formats including, aerobic capacity, lactate clearance, anaerobic threshold and more. We will always have the best conditioned kids on the field or ice.

  • CORE   –

Core work is the foundation from which all movement happens, the stronger and more resilient the core the stronger and more powerful the body can be. We work their core in different ways to build stability, rotational power and injury prevention.


Making sure your child is mobile enough to play at their absolute best while building the proper stability in their joints is the recipe for long term success and injury prevention. Our Mobility and Prehab system allows for just that to happen.