I think 99% of people come into the New Year motivated to be BETTER in some type of way. Between the time off of work and the extra calories we consume and the fact that a “new” beginning can mean a “new” you and you can get rid of ALL your Bad habits and be the person you really deep down want to be, makes the first Monday of January the most packed one across gyms in North America.

But Can that MOTIVATION last a Whole Year? NO! ok maybe but it depends on how you look at motivation, no matter how much you think Gary V. is motivated to GRIND 24/7 I can tell you he has his moments because we are all human and we ALL struggle.

You will NOT feel the same way you felt on January 1st on April 1st unless your playing a April Fools joke on yourself, but GUESS WHAT? Thats ok! Because people who can only get things done when in a HIGHLY motivated part of their year DON’T accomplish anything of significance because we LEARN, GROW, GET BETTER at LIFE in the HARD times not the EASY.

If I was always HIGHLY motivated and everything came easy I would never get Stronger because no matter how much you say you like the burn of a 12 rep MAX squat that crap HURTS man and is NOT Fun! But that hurt turns into NEW muscle and STRENGTH!

Let me give you the real key to being motivated ALL YEAR LONG, F your Motivation and keep showing UP with a GOOD attitude and Intention to be the BEST you can be in that moment of the day. 

In 2020 I want you to SHOW UP! I don’t care how motivated or GOOD or BAD you feel, YOU SHOW UP! Every single Day, no matter what the purpose you need to SHOW UP! You have 2 choices this year, 1. You show up and you BE BETTER or 2. You show up when YOUR MOTIVATED and we’ll see how far that gets you.

Grit is an amazing thing, those people who can grind are my favourites, those people who can show up no matter what and make the best of it no matter what their motivation says will be further along than any amount of talent or motivation can take you!

Make 2020 that year for you, I’m HERE and I’m waiting!

I’m going to SHOW UP!

Coach Dan