I remember getting creatine for the first time after my first consultation with a Sports Nutritionist at the age of 16. Among a lot of recommendations on macro and micro nutrients there was a couple recommendations he had for supplements. Creatine Monohydrate was one of those supplements. As a 16 year old I was just starting my fighting journey and was training twice a day, with tournaments and fights on the horizon I was learning how to cut weight and maintain muscle mass.

I also my mom thinking I was going on some kid of crazy drugs LOL Oh MOM I love you. But George convinced her that Creatine was safe and the most researched supplement ever and something naturally occurring in food. There was no need to load it or overdue it, just take it everyday for the rest of your life.

We are now 21 years later…GEEEEEZ 21 years later and I still take Creatine everyday. I have bloodwork done regularly and my liver and kidneys are very healthy 🙂

So let’s breakdown Creatine and what it’s all about and why its the most effective Legal Muscle building supplement on the planet and why I believe you and your Grandma should be taking it too.

Creatine is naturally found in red meat, there’s 1 gram of creatine in every 1-2 pounds of red meat you consume. The way Creatine works is it recycles ATP, ATP is your bodies energy source. The more Creatine stored in Muscle; the more energy available for working muscle. Thats how Creatine improves your performance.
Creatine is completely safe and does not damage kidney’s at the proper dosage, it’s been studied for decades, its safe, cheap and super effective. Not only is it important for muscle but also for eye, digestive, skin and brain health.
Creatine also hydtares your cells! Creatine drives water into muscle cells, which seems to protect against dehydration, muscle cramps and muscle injuries. Remember Creatine doesn’t do the work for you, you have to train hard to reap the benefits but Creatine makes those gains even better.
Creatine has cognitive benefits by reducing mental fatigue and improving memory.
As you get older it will help you maintain muscle as well which is so important for our elderly population.

So much do you need? 3-5 grams a day of Creatine Monohydrate (the cheapest kind) everyday, super simple. Its better to take it after workout with carbs so the uptake to muscle is better and you are set.

Get your Creatine ready and get ready for some gains!