Feeling Old this Remembrance Day Monday?

Last week I was thinking about some of our amazing members who are over the age of 55. I hear people complain how they feel old all the time but not these members In fact these members are the ones who complain the least. Maybe it’s being born and raised in a different generation where when the going got rough you didn’t post about on Facebook you did something about it. Maybe we’re just soft and they’re hard as nails but let me tell you these people not only are stronger and healthier than most people half their age they haven’t lost a step at all.

Today I want to honour our Members who push into the 55+ age category in the CrossFit Open and tell you a little about each of them because they inspire me on so many levels.

Laura McLaughlin has been running marathons for years and doing CrossFit with us for over a year now competing in 2 CrossFit Opens and completing The Boston marathon ALL in one year. This lady is tough as nails, never complains, always has a smile on her face and even though she was battling a heel injury ALL CrossFit Open she never missed a workout and did them all RX! Injuries are inevitable competing at such a high level and working through them like a pro takes heart and grit. You inspire me Laura.

Maria Howlett competed another CrossFit Open this year getting her 1st Chest 2 Bar pullups ever on 20.5 doing the workout RX. I started training Maria years ago out of my garage where I introduced her to CrossFit, she owns a Farm north of Milton so I told her about CrossFit Firepower in Milton where she attended regularly, when she wanted to start her own Fit Over 40 program we had her start training out of here and coaching people too. It was great to see our relationship come full circle at Radix. Maria works hard on the farm and the gym, never a complaint. You’re awesome Maria!

Sharon Pole shows up to the gym with her program from Rach religiously, gets the work in does the MetCon of the Day and only asks me to set the timer for her. The ability to show up everyday, put in hard work by yourself and have Tyler scream your name when you’re the only one training is just amazing, the amount of dedication it takes to better yourself like that is truly inspiring.

Richard Redden is in his 60’s now and I’ve been working with him for close to 9 years now, WOW. Those of you who attend class with Richard at 5:30 see how good of shape he is in and how good he looks, you didn’t know the Richard I met so many years ago. I trained both Richards son’s Jeff “El Silicone” Redden and his older brother Kev who I grew up cause they both went to school with my brothers. They told me their Dad needed to get in shape and wanted to meet me. I still remember the day he came in to my house on Chartwell and we sat and talked about his diet Richard weighed close to 200 pounds at that time. He drank way too much Pop and a little too much Beer on the weekends. We started by just eliminating that and he started working out with me and lost 20 pounds, over the years we refined his diet and workouts and he got down to 162 pounds and 11% bodyfat, pretty amazing. Through the years and a toe surgery and a knee surgery he never stopped, he always showed up and always helps me when I need something done around the gym, Thank you Mr. Redden for living The RadixLife.

My client Bill Brown turns 75 this year! I’ve been working with Bill now for a couple years after he came to me after tearing his shoulder and wanted to strengthen everything. He didn’t want to be weak and that’s exactly what we did, he tells me stories of moving things with his son and his son amazed at what he can do, how he sold his wine fridge on Kijiji and had to bring it upstairs cause the young man who came to pick it up couldn’t do it. Bill in my opinion is no where near the age of 75, he runs a big successful medical business, does 100km+ Bike rides, works out consistently here twice a week. My conversations with him are a favourite of my week. The amount of knowledge he has and shares makes me a better person. Thank you Bill

My Dad always taught me to respect and listen to those older than me, to honour the things they say and learn from their experiences. Thank you to all 5 of you for leading by example, never complaining and showing us what hard work is really all about!

-Coach Dan