Fresh Butcher’s Meat, Greens, and Paleo Meal Delivery!

We’re all about fresh foods at Radix Performance & 3 Square Meals!
That’s why we’ve hooked up with 3 different companies to bring you the best in fresh, delivered right to the gym every week for you!

Muscle Up Meat– place your order online by the end of each week, and it’s delivered fresh and vacuum-packed the next Friday! All meats are local to Guelph, naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics, grass-fed when available and organic grain-fed, and processed at Trotter’s Butcher Shop.

Amaryllis Garden Greens – Anne-Marie grows leafy greens all year round in her enclosed hydroponic ecosystem! She delivers fresh greens every week including spinach, bib lettuce and red kale.

Twisted Paleo – With DAILY delivery options, Twisted Paleo brings the freshest cooking right to Radix! Great quality foods at an affordable price, with the option of upsizing your meat and/or veggies!

Questions? Please contact to learn more, or reach out to the business owners!
They’re regular people with superb products 🙂