FRUSTRATED?! Good, I’am Glad?:)

Did I catch your attention a little? haha Im honestly not trying to clickbait you when I say this but If you’ve never been frustrated trying to accomplish something then you’ve never actually tried that hard.

When it comes to fitness, nutrition, body composition goals and achievements or anything in this life really worth working for for that matter, I can guarantee you there will be frustrations along the way and guess what? That’s a fricken good thing, you know why?

Without adversity, resistance, frustrations we would never grow or evolve as human beings to become more resilient, compassionate, strong both physically and emotionally. If everything in our life just naturally went our way we would be become soft as baby poo both emotionally and physically and be useless to anyone else around us. Literally we would live the most selfish, useless existence possible and what is that actual point of living?

The other thing frustration means is you have care! You have passion for what your trying to accomplish and you want something more and better! Those are awesome things to have going for you!!

So why do we constantly think that frustration is a negative thing? Why do we run from it? Why do we let it take control of us? BECAUSE its an uncomfortable feeling, but what if we saw it for what it was?A tool like a barbell to make us stronger! Something that tests our moral fibre, breaks it down and makes it stronger! Thats a tool I need to use and have, its a tool you need use and have!

Listen if we just let kids these days get frustrated with the fact that they can’t have what they want when they want it, we wouldn’t have half the problems our youth deal with these days. 

Getting frustrated with not making gains? or losing weight? or not PR ing a lift? GOOD, use it, lean into it, figure out what YOU need to do make sure you get where you want. Don’t blame anyone else, you are responsible for you!

Be Frustrated, Get UNCOMFORTABLE, Make Change and GROW, JUST F’ING GROW as a HUMAN