How Nutrition is like Sport

I was honoured to present the 3 Square Meal’s Auto-Feeder protocol to the OWA Camp attendees this past weekend, and teach them about performance nutrition and energy systems science.
These are elite athletes, and obviously whatever they’ve been doing has been working! I hope that by explaining the basic principles of food and nutrient timing, they can continue to make huge progress in their sport and reap some of the benefits of sport nutrition for daily life.

Like the athlete’s accumulation of hours of lifting and thousands of repetitions, each meal is an opportunity to “make” or “miss” your lift. If you miss, get back up and try again the next time. If you keep missing, you’re probably doing something wrong and should get a coach to check out your technique.

It’s tempting to want to give athletes a complicated and precise diet prescription, however most athletes are actually more in tune with their body’s natural energy cycles than the average person. By eating mindfully and being aware of how to build a health balanced meal, we can all benefit from a simple methodology for eating well.

If you’re curious for more details, check out thisWorkout Nutrition Infographic, and we can talk about your goals!

Enjoy the meal!

Coach Rach
3 Square Meals