If You Could’ve Done it By Yourself, You already Would’ve Done it

I always wondered why people would say to me, I need to get in shape before I come see you or why people buy thousands of dollars of home gym equipment that collects dust or why people have 3 cheap gym memberships to places they rarely go or go there and walk on a treadmill.

Why aren’t people healthy? Why are people overweight? Tired? Not living the best life they can live? Why do people have more resources than ever to take care of themselves yet we have the most overweight population we’ve ever had?

Two things, 

1. Having the proper knowledge and the right direction to go. Having too much information can lead to a standstill in not knowing which is the right direction and we have more information at our fingertips than ever before and not having any knowledge on a subject like training or nutrition can make us feel helpless on not knowing what to do.

2. Accountability, it’s easy to be comfortable and eat what you want and not train and watch netflix. You must make a decision to make a change and be held accountable to that decision on a daily basis. There’s a voice inside all of us that’s always looking for a way out. “Eat the Double Stuff Oreo and not the Apple” “Sleep in, don’t go to the gym”. There needs to be accountability for those decisions.

Listen, if you could’ve got in the best shape of your life you would’ve. Why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you want to look and feel better?

The good thing is I have a solution! More than anything else in my life I know how to get people in the best, strongest and fittest shape of their life, I also know how to eat to make you leaner while gaining lean muscle and giving you more energy. I have the direction and the knowledge to back it. On top of that I got the best coaches in the world here and the best accountability members ever. The atmosphere and vibe at Radix is unbeatable, the positive energy the way you feel when you leave is indescribable. All you have to do is reach out and show up!

You need to make a choice and that choice needs to be for you and what happens after isn’t easy but it’s worth every damn bit of energy you put into it! Today is your day, make that decision and start towards that new you!

Coach Daniel