Last Weekend JM had his 5th Pro Fight against a top 100 ranked in the world Super Middleweight opponent who was game to throw down. Being part of JM’s coaching staff and one of his cornerman is an honour, exhilarating and nerve wrecking all at the same time.

JM outclassed and dominated his Mexican opponent over 6 rounds of high intensity action packed work. His opponent was out for a KO throwing BIG heavy handed overhand rights and hooks, JM’s slick defence and head movement kept him out of trouble, JM countered with impeccable timing, speed and precision landing beautiful boxing combinations of check hook, cross and uppcuts that had his opponent not being able to see out of his one eye. At the end of the fifth he caught him with a hook that had his opponent loose control of his legs but got saved by the bell. All 3 judges scored the bout 6 rounds for JM and 0 for his opponent.

JM is quickly becoming known for his incredible capacity for endurance and ability to stand between rounds and recover easily, this is The Radix Way! His hard work and dedication at his Boxing Gym GrindHouse and his strength and conditioning work with me at Radix is paying off in Spades, look out as JM will be fighting for a Canadian Supper Middleweight Belt at the end of this year.

Coach Daniel