March Member of the Month

This Months Member of the Month is someone you will see almost everyday here at Radix during the 530 class! He’s constantly striving to be better and pushes himself to be better everyday.

Darryl Ford has been putting in hard work from Day1 here at Radix.  He’s quietly been getting stronger and fitter over his time here as he puts in that consistent hard work. We’re super proud of how far he’s come and how hard he works as he represents who we are here at Radix!

Here’s what Darryl as to say about his time here at Radix.

“I’ve been a member of Radix for close to 3 years. I remember how friendly and inviting Dan and Rachael were when I first looked into joining Radix and that friendly and inviting demeanour is just as strong today.  Radix is a great place to enjoy a CrossFit workout. Dan and Rachael love what they are doing and that is shown by how they interact with each member as an individual person and take time to provide advise and guidance as required. The coaches at Radix also exhibit that same passion for what they do. From Coach Jon sharing a lot of technical information to ensure that we are lifting properly and effectively and getting you ready to go with his “10 SECONDS!!!” countdown to Coach Tyler passionately and vocally letting everyone in the gym know that you are doing extra pulls up or working on your back squat! He also ensures that you are acknowledged enthusiastically each time you walk into the gym and each time you leave. These guys make you feel welcome and a part of the team at Radix.”

“The passion and enthusiasm from the leadership at Radix is also reflected by its members. The environment is one in which you feel motivated and encouraged to push yourself beyond what you would do on your own. The intensity of the WOD’s combined with the support and motivation to compete with and against other Radix members to push your limits is my favourite part of the experience. ” “I’ll share a story that shows my small world connection to Radix. I coached AAA minor hockey in Oakville and Toronto for over 10 years. During that time, I had the privilege of coaching and getting to know many wonderful kids and their families. In 2003 – 2004 I was the head coach of a team of 11-year-old kids in Oakville. On that team I had a polite, well mannered and hard-working defensemen who wore jersey number 8. Fast forward 15 years later and the roles have been reversed. That 11 year old kid is now one of my coaches at Radix CrossFit – he is Coach Jon.” – Darryl Ford

Awesome Job Darryl!