Member of the Month June 2017

Michaela “Chaely” Gardner
Age: 18

Chaely had been doing CrossFit at her school gym before she joined Radix, and her passion for training and exercise was clear the moment she stepped in the door. She also brought with her a lightness and positivity that is totally contagious when she’s here!

Although she suffered a shoulder injury before joining, Chaely never let that affect her attitude or her willingness and ability to push through her workouts.

I love training at Radix!! The programming is amazing, and the workouts are fun yet challenging at the same time. Each workout is scalable and can be adapted to your limitations. For me this means that I can still attend classes and workout despite a shoulder injury.”

This makes a big difference in our CrossFit classes, where she’s always making sure she does as much as she can, including mobility and pre-hab exercises before class, and a little extra time on “that darn bike” after the WOD. Chaely is encouraging and motivating to everyone in the class, especially when they see how she can work to adapt around potential limitations from her injury.

“The environment at Radix is one of my favourite aspects. It’s super positive, and everyone is very welcoming and friendly! I just joined in April and I already feel at home in the gym. Training at Radix means that I’ve gone from someone who liked working out to someone who loves working out. Now training is the favourite part of my day. My only regret is not joining sooner!!”

From scaling handstand pushup progressions, to PRing on squats and deadlifts, to facing down the obstacle walls at our Summer WOD Series #2, Chaely works hard and has fun doing it! She is starting school in the fall for fitness and health training, and we know she’s going to be an awesome coach! We can’t wait to see her progress over the summer, and best wishes for a successful school year ahead, Chaely!