Member of the Month September 2017

Sharon Hay-Pole
Age: 😃

Sharon started coming to Radix Performance Centre in January of 2016, encouraged by her son, Coach Frazer!

“When I first started working out with Coach Rachael I didn’t really know what I was expecting other than I wanted to get into better physical shape and hopefully lose some weight along the way. Little did I know that within a few months I would be doing deadlifts, squats and dumbbell push presses along with all the other fun activities Rachael gives me to do.”

Sharon was already active, curling 2-3x/week each winter after spending 30+ years as a Highland Dancer. However, after having both of her knees scoped to repair tears to the meniscus, she felt like she wasn’t functioning at her physical potential.

“I thought I would give myself a year to see if I could get myself into better physical shape. I didn’t like the fact that it took 3 or 4 steps each morning before I felt that my legs would indeed support me.. I was hoping by working out on a regular basis, I could get my body into stronger physical shape.”

Sharon was definitely already strong coming in to training, deadlifting 100lbs with ease and showing great enthusiasm and energy in her met-cons. She pushes herself each workout, and has been consistently training here at Radix 2x/week for over a year and a half.

“I started to notice how much better my body felt, no more cracking ankles, the dull ache in my thumb due to some arthritis went away, the stiffness in my neck subsided and I had so much more mobility in my arms and legs. I no longer had to think about squatting down, it is something I can just do.”

Sharon wanted to continue her positive results while away for a 2 month road trip across the country with her husband. Frazer gave her a kettlebell and some dumbbells to take with her in the RV, along with an ab mat and a skipping rope! She did pushups and step ups on picnic tables and maintained her 2x/week training while seeing the country.

“It has been a wonderful journey and I can see it is one that should never end.”

Sharon is an inspiration to people of all ages and a pleasure to train! Keep up the strong work!