Member of the Month

Happy Canada Day! I hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather! I’m loving it.
July is officially here and so is the summer so it’s time to soak in that Vitamin D and enjoy the breeze and outdoors. 

This month’s member of the month is one of our awesome masters weightlifters who’s been training with us under Coach Amanda for a while now.

Mike Cable is someone that you will see here at Radix almost everyday working on his weightlifting skills but also hoping into a crossfit class here and there or outside pushing the prowler to stay in shape. Mike is a stand up guy always willing to help us out as a judge during the Open or volunteer to help with one of our fundraisers. We’re super proud to have Mike as one of our members!

Here is what Coach Amanda has to say about Mike.

“Mike Cable has been with us at Radix for just over two years, working diligently on improving his skills in Olympic weightlifting. Mike has simply put in the work – showing up on time, every time; staying interested in the program and enthusiastic about the process, and fighting through the many mentally challenging aspects of weightlifting as he continues to grow as an athlete. His hard work has paid off with countless PRs in just about every movement since he began, including personal bests on the competition stage. Most importantly, he’s done it all with a great attitude that brings other members up each day. Never satisfied to simply improve his own weightlifting, he is always interested and willing to help and support his teammates, often traveling to competitions throughout the year to cheer on our Radix Barbell lifters in their big moments. I have no doubt that Mike will continue to push toward and achieve all his goals in weightlifting!” – Coach Amanda

Congratulations Mike! You deserve Member of the Month