Murph – Summer WOD Series 1

First off I just need to thank everyone who came out and who grinded out the workout and donated to The Dream Dealer, it was above and beyond what I expected and I just want to thank you guys for being so amazing! Our community at Radix is really just that AWESOME.

We were able to raise $2000!!! You guys have no idea the impact you will have on the children in Haiti with this donation. 100% of everything we raised goes back to the kids.

What a race we had with all our Teams going head to head! We had 20 teams throughout the day, but this years Team winners were ‘Old and Jacked’ which consisted of Radix Member Nick Karadza (masters 35-39) and PhysioMed Oakville owner Dr. Jason Lemieux (masters 40-44). These guys came in with a blistering time of 25:47! Congratulations guys! That will be quite the time to beat next year!