We had our annual Murph long weekend workout this past Saturday and I’m so proud of everyonbe of your who did Murph. Some of you for the first time scaled, some of you for the first time RX and some of you for the 5th time, you pour souls LOL

I have so many shoutouts to make right now and I don’t wanna miss anyone cause I was honestly so impressed with you all. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not super impressed with anything really anymore hahaha Im super jaded in the fitness space 🙂

Murph started this year on Friday with Coach Ty Coach Greg and Full Send Joshy, they flew through the first mile quick. The all had judges to verify reps and movement quality and they all moved really well. Coach Ty had a PR time!

Saturday morning it was raining and I was so happy it was, there’s nothing better than a good Murph in the rain. Our first heat started at 7am and everyone was in early warming and looking serious. Daniella crushed Murph RX with a weighted vest and unpartitioned reps, Will and I came up with a good scaled version for him which he crushed and told me afterwards it needs to be harder next year! Mark Molder was super impressive and what impressed me the most was his movement quality and how much better its got over the years, legit pull-ups, pushups and squats! Then Callum crushed, dude did 300 air squats without stopping and ran a 7 minute second mile to come in at 50:02 RX as he ran straight to the bathroom to make sure he didn’t crap himself LOL

Poor Slater showed up and did it solo with Coach Julie screaming at hime alone for a solid hour, but man he kept going and going until he finished, like a real soldier.

My 9am Crew was so good! Some of you came to “class” thinking you weren’t going to have to do Muprh, no no no. Coach Dan can’t have that. SO everybody did it, some of you as a team. Laura, Michael, Gaby, Sheetal, Blayne, Drago, Kev in and Anan. It was so great to see you guys crush as teams and cheer each other on and finish so much better than you thought you would! I love it. Then my buddy Giovanni ran some seriously fast mile times as he did it RX without the vest, AWESOME!
Dave H was awesome going RX on his first Murph in just around an hour, impressive!

Just as I was cleaning up my good friend Andrew M. showed up with his amazing family and asked if there was time for one more Murph? You know Coach Dan can’t refuse someone wanting to do Murph especially when you bring the cutest little human ever in with you to cheer you on.

Andrew is a real soldier, he did it RX, PR’d his time and did it solo. Amazing!

Im so happy with how you all moved and how much better you have gotten over our last training cycles, its means so much to me how serious you take your training and fitness and how well you represent Radix. #radixstrong