Muscle Building: 3 Tips for More Growth

Everybody would like to have a lil extra muscle somewhere! Whether you were born with baby calves like me or your biceps don’t look big enough in your golf shirt, check these 3 tips that might be keeping you back.

1. You don’t eat enough calories or protein. You need to take a hard look at your diet if you want to gain some muscle. If your underfed and/or not eating enough protein for your goal, your body simply doesn’t have the resources you need to create growth. If your body is fighting for calories to survive there’s no way it’s going to relocate resources for muscle growth. Your body’s first and most important job is to keep your vital organs going and you alive. Pretty amazing stuff!

2. You’re doing way too much cardiovascular conditioning. Your body works best when you give it specific pathways to work on at a time, so if your main goal is how good of shape you’re in then keep blasting those metcons! But if your goal is to build muscle, it’s time to step away from all that conditioning and set your body and mind to the goal at hand, it will be good for both your body and mind to focus on something new!

3. You NEED a Game Plan, you can’t just walk into the gym and do ‘BRO’ stuff! That maybe fun and get you a ‘PUMP’ but that will not create long term muscle growth! You need a workout plan for your goals and someone who understands what it takes for muscle growth.