MY BIG 2020 Goal!

Over the 2 weeks I was off sick, I had a lot of time to think about what 2020 was going to be for me. I’ve had so many Goals over the years and many I’ve accomplished in BIG ways and spent a lot of energy chasing others that I never reached.

The last 3 months has been a real life changing process for me, after shoulder surgery life was put into a different perspective and the way I viewed what I wanted has changed. See, for my whole life I’ve been an athlete and my goals have always revolved around what I would do that year, how many fights or tournaments I would do or what CrossFit or weightlifting comps I would go to or how much I was going to Front Squat or increase my Snatch by and it was fun and I’ve always been motivated by competition.

Things are different this year as I rehab from surgery, I want to have a properly functioning shoulder and I want to Assault Bike for 12 hours and raise as much money for those kids as possible, everything else is bonus.

My BIG 2020 Goal is TOTALLY different but it’s something that’s been on my heart for the last while. My 2020 Goal is to HELP each and everyone of you have the absolute best year you could have in this gym. I want to see you get STRONGER and PR lifts, I want to see you LEANER and more Energized, I want you to be motivated on a daily basis and take that to other areas of your life and succeed on levels you never thought possible. I want you to build grit and determination through perseverance and I want those traits to effect your WHOLE life in a positive way.

I was coaching weightlifting this weekend at Variety Village in Scarborough and while watching Monica and Mike lift my heart rate would go through the roof, I wanted nothing more in life at that time than to see them hit those lifts that they worked so hard to accomplish.

Now its super easy for me to say I want to help each and everyone of you but that doesn’t mean crap unless I put some action to those words so here’s my invitation to you. If you need to talk something out, if you need direction in nutrition or training, if you need someone to coach you through a competition, if you need someone to send you a smiley face emoji to make your day better I’m your guy and my phone, email, whats app, Instagram DM, office, home is open to you.

Coach Dan
(905) 691 7190