Navy Seal Abs

It’s Summer time and what does that mean? There’s a lot of time for fun in the sun!!! Whether that’s beach volleyball time, cottage time or just house work out in the sun, I know you’ll be out and about enjoying the fitness you’ve been building.

On top of that it’s time to SHOW off those muscles and that physique that comes with all that hard work. If you’re not quite there yet I’m going to give you my Top 3 tips for getting those Navy Seal ABS. Now Yes Navy Seal ABS should LOOK Good but they BETTER be strong as s*** too. If your abs look good but you can’t use them to get yourself up a rope or over a fence you should trade them in for a new model. These tips will have you shredded and functioning like a NAVY Seal just in time for the BEACH.

TIP 1: Calories IN vs. Calories OUT – Let me be frank with you, if you’re following the most healthy, nutrient dense diet in the world and you eat more calories in a day then you expend then you will NOT see your ABS unless you are one of those lucky people who always has ABS. You will be a healthy person but you will NOT shed abdominal fat. You need to calculate how many cals you eat in a day and how many you burn in a day (there’s online calculators for both or you can book an appointment with Rach to do it for you) Then you need to make sure you eat 500 cals less per day than you burn.

TIP 2: Eat Protein and Veggies – The majority of your daily calories should come from healthy protein sources and leafy green vegetables. This combo is the fat burning MECCA. The protein burns at a higher rate boosting your metabolism and helping repair you from the exercise damage of tip 3. The veggies give your body the micronutrients you need to function and perform at a high rate and recover faster. Your healthy fat sources come next and finally the clean carbs you eat should be put in around your workout times.

TIP 3: Workout like You Mean It – Full Body Workouts 3-5 x per week are a MUST! You boost your metabolism, you increase calorie burn over the workout and days to come and you build functional STRONG ABS! A Combo of Upper and Lower Body strength work and high intensity cardio and core accessory work is the way to go.

If You Need help with any of this or coming up with a plan Rach and I would be more than happy to get you there.