Nigel’s Transformation!

Our Last 8 Week Challenge wrapped up this past Saturday and we had the best results we’ve ever had as a group, they were OUTSTANDING!

Im so happy and proud of what this group accomplished in 8 Weeks, not only physically but the changes in attitude, mental fortitude and self-confidence were just amazing.

Take a look at Nigie Bear up in the before and afters! Looking like a whole new man! There will be more and more of these before and afters popping up over the coming weeks. Nigel lost 20 pounds of pure fat and gained 1.5 pounds of lean muscle over the 8 Weeks! He also could barely run for 20 minutes at a time and last week ran 75 minutes straight at a really good pace!

Let me give you a brief round down on just some the results we had!

Will D- Lost 30 pounds!!
Mike M- Got down to 11% BodyFat! (lost over 20 pounds)
Coach Greg- Got down to 9% BodyFat! (big write up coming on him)
Gabe D- Lost 23 pounds!
Shannon- Gained lean muscle while dropping under 20% bodyfat (you could see her abs)
Tony – Tony is two 8 week challenges in and went from 35% Bodyfat down to …
10% on Saturday!!!!!!! INSANE
My Dad Lost 40 POUNDS!!! He’s changes hiw whole life and health
Andrew J- Gained over a pound of lean muscle and lost 14 pounds of Fat!
Rachel A.- Came in under-muscled and was able to add a good amount of lean mass on while dropping body-fat at the same time, this is the BEST!

This is just the beginning of the results but as you can see it was 8 Weeks of Intentional Training and Eating with purpose and the results were just amazing!!

This is what Will had to say about his Challenge

“My situation isn’t exactly unique, everyone gains a couple pounds every year as they age but unfortunately with covid, my weight took off like a rocket. In my head, I felt like once the gym opened back up, I would be able to easily lose the extra weight gained during 2020 and 2021. When the time came though, being able to go back to the gym just didn’t seem to push the needle on the scale and I was unable to reverse where I was and still kept putting on the weight. In a vain attempt to lose weight quickly, I tried several diets via Dr Google to varying success during covid and after but quickly yoyo’d back as these were unsustainable and unrealistic.

Around the end of 2022, I hit a new high – 240 lbs. Insanity. Something (everything) clearly wasn’t working. I heard and saw the success (who hasn’t!?) that Tony was having on the eight-week challenge at the end of 2022, I was even at the gym the first day Tony came on the scene to start his transformation. I was able to watch Tony lose weight and gain strength every day and was regretting not signing up for his cohort but luckily, Dan and Rachel offered another one mid-January – I wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines for this one!

What I was expecting was them to ask me to move more but also starve myself, what I got in return was a fitness and meal plan with a coach to guide me through the process. Someone to bounce stupid questions off of and monitor and adjust my customized meal plan based on progress. We also had a group that was doing it together so we had a bunch of people to commiserate with.

The truth is though, there wasn’t a lot of misery on this diet. This is probably one of the easiest diets I had to deal with and something that actually seems sustainable long term.

– The meal plan was laid out and as it turns out, I didn’t actually have to starve myself. When you aren’t eating out everyday, it’s actually pretty easy to stay on track and keep calories in check.
– The fitness plan was laid out, with required movement every day which wasn’t too bad.
– Weekly meets were in place to discuss what everyone is finding that works or doesn’t work.
– A chat group that shared tips, joked around and really kept us engaged. We weren’t in this on our own.

In fact, the hardest thing that was asked of me was to not drink for eight-weeks. I know it’s crazy to say that but it’s just something I never considered given my job and lifestyle. Looking back though, I mean, of course I can not drink for eight weeks. No one died by *not* drinking. It just took some adjustments when I traveled, took clients out for dinner and had get-togethers.

Eight weeks later, we can talk about results! 

– I actually understand nutrition a whole lot more than I did going into this
– I made some new friends at the gym
– My recovery time between workouts has gone down substantially.
– My sleep has been much better – according to Garmin, anyways
– My average RHR dropped by three whole bpm
– And of course, I lost weight, a lot of it! I lost 30lbs over the 8 weeks which takes me to the leanest I’ve been in at least five years.

More importantly though, I was given the tools I needed to make this sustainable, not just a one-and-done until I need to lose weight again”.


Our next 8 Week Challenge start March 25th and we already have 15 of the 20 spots locked in BUT there is 5 more spots for you to make that decision and get in the best shape of you life.

You just have to email me at and say I’M READY COACH.

Im ready to help you make that change!

Coach Daniel