Our Latest 6 Week Challenge Results

We’ve been doing Challenges since 2017 and we’ve had some amazing transformations during that time period!

Our latest 6 week Challenge started in April and finished in June and we had an Awesome group of people really go at it.

I love when people come into these challenges and really buckle down and get everything they possibly can out of it. They email me to troubleshoot on the road choices or menus while travelling, they email me for on the road workouts or ask questions like why they didn’t lose weight 1 week or 2 weeks in a row and then the following week they drop 4 pounds in a week. One of the awesome things about these challenges is how much you learn about yourself on so many levels. You learn how your body responds physically to certain foods, you learn to disassociate eating with your feelings emotionally, you learn how to dig deep and get the most out of every situation and these are skills that go beyond just the gym but serve you well in life!

On top of that getting together as a group every week to weigh in and be accountable to yourself and others in the challenge really keeps you on track. To see the results of living 6 weeks of intentional eating and training and what that can do for you kickstarts a lifetime of better choices and healthy living.

Here are some of the amazing results we got during our last challenge!

Heather K. Lost 5 pounds of fat and 3.5% BodyFat
Sydney P. Lost 8 Pounds of fat and 4% BodyFat
Alicia W. Lost 9 pounds of fat and 8% BodyFat and gained 2.5 pounds of Lean Muscle
Allison M. Lost 8 pounds of Fat and 5% BodyFat and gained 1.5 pounds of Lean Muscle
Danny R. Lost 13 pounds of Fat and 4% BodyFat and gained 2 pounds of Lean Muscle
Per H. Lost 20 pounds of fat and 6% BodyFat while gaining 5 pounds of Lean Muscle
Andrew B Lost 15 pounds of fat and 5% BodyFat

They all look so amazing! and that was just 6 weeks of their lives that went by like a blink of an eye!
We will be running more challenges with our next one starting on July 22nd just a week away!

We will be running another on in September but I warn you we’re already almost fully booked for that one so if you want a spot you better message me ASAP!

It’s truly been amazing to watch what an idea I had during the RocStar Entrepreneur summit a couple years ago because the Dad Bods at Radix were getting out of control 😉 has turned into. I love the results we get, I love helping people change their lives and seeing you all succeed!


-Coach Dan