Pan AM Games Recap

We’re super lucky to have Amanda Braddock as our Olympic Weightlifting Coach here at Radix, where she coaches our Sabaria Weightlifting Program. Not only is she an amazing Coach, she’s an amazing athlete and this past week she competed at the Pan Am games for Team Canada doing us all very Proud!

Check out this article by Coach Amanda on her experience.

Last weekend I had the privilege of competing for Team Canada at the 2017 Pan American Championships in beautiful Miami, Florida. Among some of the best weightlifters in the world, the competition was fierce and I placed in 5th overall,with a bronze medal in the clean and jerk.

Weighing in at 47.85kg/105lbs, I finished with a 73kg snatch and double-bodyweight clean and jerk at 96kg, attempting 99kg/218lbs on a third attempt. In addition to the usual pressures of competition, the stakes were even higher at this meet. For me, this would be the only chance to qualify for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia, a competition I had been dreaming of for the past few years. It was also a qualifier for the Senior World Championships later this year in California.

Mistakes made at the Pan Am Championships would have serious consequences. I spent the months leading up to this meet emphasizing my mental preparation. Although the pressure was on, I knew I would need to remain as focused as possible on the process of competing, with almost no concern for the outcome. My coach is there to crunch the numbers and determine what lift will provide the best possible placing. My responsibility becomes to attempt each lift without being distracted by past mistakes or future results. I believe this mental preparation was crucial to achieving the goals I had going into the meet. It also allowed me to fully enjoy the competition.

This meet was fun! Competing against such incredible athletes from all over the world was thrilling and I was present enough in the moment to really appreciate the challenge. This was my fourth international competition, and I leave each one with new lessons and experience to be applied in training. I know I have what it takes to stand at the top of the podium and compete against the best. I am lucky to have a great team, training environment and coach to fuel and motivate my training. I’m glad to be back with my athletes as they prepare for Summerfest in a few short weeks. For me, it’s back to the grind, preparing for Worlds in November. Thank you to everyone who showed their support! I appreciate it all and will continue to work to make you all proud!

-Coach Amanda-