RadixFit Baby Diaries #2 – FOOD!

Dan posts a lot of pictures of me eating, especially pregnant eating! This is me in Paris this spring with the best macaron on earth, but other recent indulgences include veal parmesan sandwiches, baby gender reveal donuts (BLUEBERRY!!!), and any cupcakes that happen to by lying around the gym…

When seen through this “highlight reel”, it might seem like a pretty junk-food-filled pregnancy, but I actually credit my good nutrition habits and experience to a healthy, low-sickness baby diet that’s 80% “on”.

Because I had a solid food foundation in place before I got pregnant, it was easier to maintain a good routine and notice cravings and changes before they got out of control. For example, pre-baby breakfast was eggs, spinach, and cheese (with ketchup of course!). With baby, I added in a piece of toast (with butter or peanut butter & jam) and sometimes a glass of OJ.

I found myself needing the extra carbs for energy because little Blueberry was taking so many nutrients out of the food for himself, so I also added a second breakfast of oatmeal & yogurt or cottage cheese + walnuts & berries most days, especially when we’re at the gym super early.

Lunch always happens before 12pm: a roast beef sandwich & salad 3x/week, or meat with a starch such as quinoa or rice + salad on other days; often takeout from local legends Plum Catering or Savor Living because I love & trust their food quality and prep, or if I’m on the road I might hit the Whole Foods hot bar.

Dinner is usually meat & potatoes & cooked veggies from my organic veggie delivery box (Plan B Organics), fish & chicken 1-2x/week but mostly grass-fed beef from Dragonfly Garden Farm, because I know my body loves beef! I often have ice cream or yogurt for an evening snack, depending on the day!

Craziest cravings: 
Weeks 5-8: asparagus, spinach, all things green
Weeks 9-12: all the seafood Italy could offer
Weeks 13-17: MILK. Giant glasses of whole milk, often Water Buffalo or Sheep milk 😀
Weeks 18-22: Fat. Extra egg yolks, sour cream on everything, and even more butter than usual
Weeks 23 + : I will keep you posted!!

None of this is much different from how I ate before, except adding in an extra meal (which kind of just replaces my post-workout shake I used to have) and some extra carbs to each meal (sometimes a whole-grain salad, sometimes a cookie!)
But I know that if I didn’t have a decent routine and understanding of my meals beforehand, I would have felt like garbage, freaking out and reaching for whatever I could find to keep my blood sugar up!
If you’ve been in the gym lately, you’ve seen me when I need to eat and it’s not pretty!

If you’re looking for help with nutrition, for pregnancy or otherwise, let me know and I’ll be able to keep you on track even while I’m out of the gym with baby Blue!

Keep eating!
~Coach Rach