RadixLife Challenge

The RadixLife Challenge was born out of coach Daniel Thiessen’s desire to fight the “dad-bod” by getting in the best shape of his life just in time for the birth of his first son. He’s all about leading by example, and after over 10 years in the fitness industry, he built this program based on his experience and expertise, and we’ve been refining it ever since. Over 200 people have completed the Challenge since we started in 2017, changing their whole lives to become physically fitter and mentally stronger.

“This challenge is not for the weak of mind or body! It doesn’t matter where you are at in your fitness journey, we are here to take you to the next level! I wanted to be the strongest, fittest, and leanest in my life for the birth of my son, and I believe we can help you can meet whatever goals YOU set for yourself, too.” ~ Coach Dan

Next Group starts April 13th, 2024!

Join us in Oakville, Ontario or one of our ONLINE Challenge Groups from around the World! We have Challengers in Alberta, Germany, and across the Greater Toronto Area.

What’s Included

3 InBody Scans

At the beginning, middle, and end of the 8 weeks, you get a full body scan to let you know how much fat, muscle and water your body is carrying! This way we can show you the real results of your transformation, beyond just stepping on the scale.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching and Plans

We will be personalizing the diet to your needs and likes to make sure you hit your goals as easily as possible! The diet will change on a bi-weekly basis to make sure your body continues to respond and get leaner while maintaining muscle. It also keeps your mind fresh as you don’t have to eat the same meals for weeks on end! This also includes recipes and grocery lists.

Personalized Training Program and Weekly Plans

The workouts will be written to make sure you are working towards your Strength and Fitness goals, they’ll be written in a way to maximize fat loss and muscle maintenance. If you are a Radix Member, you will continue with the daily programming with added homework. If you’re not training at Radix you will get a full program to follow at your Gym.

Weekly Team Training Session + Weigh-In

Every week the group will get together to work on YOUR specific goals. It will be a great time to talk to the others about the progress and trials your having as we work things out TOGETHER. Support of what your doing is a MUST!

Right after Team Training we will have our weekly weigh-in and meeting. This will help you to stay on track week to week as the going gets tough! Knowing that the weigh-in is coming is a great motivator and also knowing the other guys will be there.

Also included…

  • Unlimited access via phone or email
  • Before and After Photos with Pro photographer
  • Post-Challenge Maintenance Plan
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Daily Nutrition/Fitness/Lifestyle Email

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Are you looking to TRANSFORM your LIFE this year?

At age 49, I was overweight and dehydrated. I started the 8 Week Challenge at Radix with the goal of losing weight and getting back into shape for my 50th birthday. Now, I have STOPPED snoring and have gotten rid of all the fat guy clothes! This program has changed my life, it will change yours in 8 short weeks. I feel empowered and confident that I can now do anything I put my mind to.

The community at Radix Performance is unlike anything I’ve experienced. Happiness, joy, fun, energy, commitment, community, family, strength… the list of attributes to describe where I spend 90 mins of my day 6 days a week aligns with who I am and where I want to be. No matter where you are in life and what fitness stage you are, everyone is accepted and completely supported once you walk through those doors.

I went from a desk-bound Dad-Bod to the best shape of my life, finding my abs in the process. I’ve learned how to train and eat properly and it changed my life. As a middle aged guy, I love being able to run around with my kids, do pull-ups and even some Olympic lifting that I thought would be impossible a few years ago. Thanks Dan, Rachael, Tyler and everyone at Radix.

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Who is Radix?

We, your hosts, are Daniel & Rachael Thiessen, owners of RadixGym and CrossFit Radix in Oakville, Ontario. Dan is a retired MMA fighter and we met at another gym where Rachael was training for the 2014 CrossFit Games Regional competition. Dan had a vision for RadixGym that could only be achieved by working together. He proposed at the grand opening in 2015, we got married, and gave birth to our first son Malachi in 2017.

Even though our first date was to a grilled cheese shop, we both love cooking and eating fresh local foods, which you’ll see reflected in your meal plans. We also love hanging out in the gym all day, but we know that most people don’t have that luxury! We’ve each coached all types of athletes, from beginners to professionals, since 2008, and taken our own performance to the next level, but we also know what it’s like to be busy with work and family. We are here to share with you our expertise and experiences, and look forward to helping you reach your goals!

“I joined the second round of the RadixLife Challenge when our son was 4 months old, with a goal of returning to CrossFit classes while still nursing. It was all about finding a balance of inputs and outputs to improve energy levels and body composition while navigating the steep learning curve of being a new mom! Despite a decade in the fitness and nutrition industry, it took 12 weeks of the Challenge to truly solidify this style of eating for me, and I’ve done each Challenge since! It really does provide you with a simple method to create healthy habits for eating well. I love being able to share this journey with others and continue to improve myself and the program!” ~ Coach Rach