RadixLife Online

RadixLife is your gym, online! We have a variety of programs and services to help you reach your goals at home, regardless of how much or little equipment you have access to. 


We offer Zoom Workouts 3x/day, 5x/week for you to follow along with a certified CrossFit coach who will provide demos and modifications for you based on any injury or equipment limitations. The workouts are designed to be able to do back-to-back days or just 3x/week, hitting all major muscle groups with strength & conditioning. It’s a great community environment and so nice to see other smiling faces, sweating! 

Class Schedule

Monday – Friday
6AM, 9AM, 5:30PM 

Saturday 9AM


Complete your workouts on your own time, with your own goals. We provide 3-5 workouts per week that change weekly based on your feedback. Perfect for those with more specific goals such as training for another sport or modifications for serious injury or recovery. 


April’s Nutrition Challenge is an Intermittent Fasting protocol personalized for your schedule and goals. Join a group of committed individuals on a journey of discovering freedom through discipline. You’ll get our 3 Square Meals Guide to Macros + Benefits of IF, and a personal meal plan for your body composition and goals, complete with interchangeable options to keep your meals interesting.

Let us know what you need most at home to support your health, wellness, and goals! Contact us for more details radixperformance@live.com