September Member of the Month

Bill Brown  Age: 71

Bill has been a client of Dan’s for a year and half now, and a true product of what Radix can provide. Bill is someone you aspire to be as you get older. He’s sharp, energetic and still running his business, not because he has to but because he can, and does it at a greater level than someone half his age. On top of his successful professional life, Bill is known to do 100 km bike rides in a day!

I’ll let Bill tell you his Radix Story:
“Sometimes you get lucky in life and you get far more than you expect from particular experience; this has been my fortunate experience with Radix and the two principals Dan and Rachael.
Originally I was looking for an outfit that could help me out with an injured right shoulder. As well, as I was entering my 7th decade of life,I felt I should do something about my waning strength. My chiropractor recommended I go see Dan Thiessen. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.”

“First of all Dan and Rachael, who have each performed as my personal trainer, are true professionals; they really know their stuff… and I mean scientifically. They use a highly disciplined approach dictated by their many years of training, experience and education. Both Dan & Rachael know how to coax you to your limit so that you can reach levels you did not believe possible.
In this way they bring out the very best in you in a way you could never achieve alone. They act as coach, mentor and friend all at the same time,
and they do it in a way that is fun and engaging. I am now approaching my year and a half mark.”

“ My shoulder (which was in bad shape as a result of a totally severed supraspinatus tendon) is almost as good as before my injury.
Through careful cross-training methodologies, and gradually increasing resistance training, I have been able to build up other areas of my rotator cuff to make up for the lost tendon. It is far more than I expected.
And as a big side benefit, I am now at least twice as strong as when I started.”

“Radix is no ordinary gym. The equipment may not be as high tech as in some of these other so called ‘fitness shops”, but the people who run the place are as high tech as they get and the equipment they have carefully chosen is highly functional and effective. Radix radiates energy. To train there is both a physical and a cerebral experience.
It was my lucky day, the day I met Dan & Rachael.”

Thanks Bill, you always brighten our day!