Showing up on Game Day

I’ve seen a lot of gym warriors in my day. Guys who show up to the gym and smash big lifts or destroy people in sparring but when it came to the big comp or fight day they just lost it.

Showing up on game day is really all that matters if you’re an athlete. Everything you do in the gym is training and not competing.
That’s hard for a lot of people to understand,including myself.

If you want to show up on game day ready to destroy, then you should have a plan in place going into the event to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re there.

You should keep everything as familiar as possible in unfamiliar circumstances and be prepared for anything so you’re never thrown off.

Keep the foods you eat the same, don’y try new pre-workouts, and make sure your warm up routine is dialed in.

Your coach should have gone through the whole event with you beforehand, and visualization should play a major role in your prep. These are just a few things that could help you place on the podium instead of at the bottom.

Coach Dan