Sometimes I get frustrated with the amount of information floating around about Nutrition and Training. It can be super overwhelming! There’s experts everywhere trying to sell you something you’re probably don’t need and or wont use.

Then people take that new “knowledge” as Gospel and tell everyone around them this new information and it spreads.

The amount of times someone tells me about some kind of fitness or nutrition advice they heard on a podcast or on Instagram or twitter is crazy. When I ask them so how did it go? They always reply well I didn’t do it. So they just have this random knowledge that doesn’t bring any true value to their life but they feel better just knowing and telling people.

You could know the absolute best nutrition plan and training program in the world and if you DON’T DO IT, its absolutely useless knowledge and in fact it’s worse than someone who doesn’t know what to do and lives an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Bible has some interesting verses about this type of the thing, it’s worse to know what is right and what is wrong and just do wrong anyways. To the person who much is given, much is required and by required it means TAKING ACTION!

It’s time to stop reading, stop watching people workout on Instagram or YouTube and start doing, stop Overthinking and start Doing, it’s the only way anything good is going to happen.

You can be your own worst enemy, don’t be. If you truly don’t know what to do reach out to me or an expert and have them develop a plan for you and then DO IT, GIVE IT ALL YOU HAVE, don’t half ass it and reap the benefits that follow!